Shudokan Karatedo

Toyama Kanken (1888-1966) was an Okinawan school teacher. He was well respected among his peers as a karateka possessing a great deal of skill and knowledge. Together with Mabuni Kenwa, Funagoshi Gighin, and others, Toyama sensei was instrumental in bringing karate to mainland Japan. While Shotokan, Shito Ryu, and Wado Ryu became nationally known brands, Toyama eschewed the idea of being the head of a style. Instead, he was in favor of all of karate being unified.

“You may state with a real understanding that there is no “ryu” in Karate, but that everything can be united into the orthodox Karate (orthodox Karate is the Karate based on self-perfection while traditional Karate is based on self-protection).” ~Toyama, Kanken

His attempt at this unification was met with brief acceptance by many, but in the end was never fully realized. Toyama’s legacy now lives on worldwide, ironically, as many different styles: Shodokan, Seito Ryu, Toyama Ryu, Doshinkan, Kei Shin Kan, and others.

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