Kata: Mind & Beauty

In 2000 Sensei Young asked me to design and construct a small book to present to Sensei Mack. The content of which was a transcription, by Dick and Aubrey Wedin, of two taped recordings by Shihan Walter Todd. Feel free to share, but please do our little school a favor cite us as the source for this article. Hope you enjoy!…

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A New Beginning

After the devastating death of our sensei, Sue Young, several students gathered together on a number of occasions to deal with our loss. Sharing tears, memories and stories, led us to the inevitable question—what’s next? Four of us, all sandans (third degree black belts) and the highest ranking students currently training, sat down together to begin answering that very question. The result…

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Classes Resume at Dojo

After only a few weeks of training in a racquetball court, we’re back in the dojo and training again. For a look at our class schedule, go to the Schedule and Rates page.